Solbera's DND 5e Fonts

This is a copy of Solbera's Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 fonts taken from this Reddit thread, combined with Ryrok's fixes from this Reddit thread.

The fonts have unique names based on the original fonts' names:

Original Font Solbera's Font Usage
Bookmania Bookinsanity Body text
Dai Vernon Misdirect Zatanna Misdirection Monster Manual quotes
Modesto Bold Condensed Nodesto Caps Condensed Book and card titles
Mrs Eaves Small Caps Mr Eaves Small Caps Headings
Scala Sans Scaly Sans Tables
Scala Sans Caps Scaly Sans Caps Titles of tables
(unknown) Solbera Imitation Drop caps
(unknown) Dungeon Drop Case (Ners) Drop caps

This webpage represents the fonts in this GitHub repository as web fonts, using your browser's OpenType font support.

This text is in Bookinsanity. The rains fell softly on the forest, dampening the Ranger as he waited for his prey. The jewels in his pouch clinked gently.

This text is in Bookinsanity Bold Italic. The Barbarian waltzed into the bar, sat down at a table, and ordered the largest mug of the foulest brew that the innkeep had to sell. She needed to wash the taste of Undead out of her teeth.

This text is in Bookinsanity Bold. The Bard was sure he could get through the gate. All he had to do is convincinly explain why he was being followed by a bright yellow, vocally angry Flumph.

This text is in Bookinsanity Italic. The Cleric gave up trying to speak with the Svirfneblin; they had tried Common, Undercommon, Elvish, Gnomish, Goblin, Sylvan, Orc and even Abyssal, but they could not get across to the tiny Svirfneblin the danger it was in.

This text is in Zatanna Misdirection. Yesterday the Druid had planted flowers in their garden. Today, they would defend the pumpkin patch against invaders.

This text is in Zatanna Misdirection Bold Italic. The Fighter polished her sword. She was stalling for time; this battle would not be pleasant. Sibling rivalries never were.

This text is in Zatanna Misdirection Bold. High on the temple tower, the Monk watched the acolytes light the courtyard lanterns below. He was sure he had mastered Slow Fall, but could he prove it to the Abbot?

This text is in Zatanna Misdirection Italic. The Paladin had cracked. All they could think was the last words of their opponent: "Only nothingness above."

This text is in Nodesto Caps Condensed. The Rogue was ready. So, so ready. now was the time for dancing, and her competitors would not see her coming.

This text is in Nodesto Caps Condensed Bold Italic. At long last, Luck was with the Sorceror. He had seen what the rest of the party had not, and quickly cast Snilloc's Snowball Storm to defend against the schoolchildren.

This text is in Nodesto Caps Condensed Bold. The Warlock's patron had brought em to a strange and desolate island, but eir task here was obvious. The castle on the central peak must be purged.

This text is in Nodesto Caps Condensed Italic. The Wizard was running late. She'd missed the last ferry to the city, and though she had been able to procure a kayak, her lack of proficiency with it was rapidly drawing her towards the city's waterfall.

This text is in Mr Eaves Small Caps. In a hole in the ground there lived a Halfling, for he had not yet heard the call of adventure. That would come next week, when the tavern burned down.

This text is in Scaly Sans. The dragon was discontent, for its entire horde had disappeared while it was out hunting. It suspected the local fishermen, and set out to steal their boats.

This text is in Scaly Sans Bold Italic. It was a time of peace, and so of course the Soldier was worried. The silence of the night kept her waiting for the zip of an arrow, the crackle of a spell, the scream of a sword. She needed something to do, and that would probably require desertion.

This text is in Scaly Sans Bold. Why was the Criminal in this city? Certainly he didn't need any money. But the pact he had made with his patron required him to seek knowledge, and this town's university had a tempting library.

This text is in Scaly Sans Italic. If one more traveling writer asked the Hermit what life was like atop her pole, she swore she would climb down, uproot her pole, drag it into the city where the writers came from, and spit their leader upon its sharpened point.

This text is in Scaly Sans Caps. This Urchin had grown up on the streets alone, until this Urchin forged a family. Now, these Urchins ruled seven city blocks. Soon, they would be big enough to take on the City Guard.

This text is in Scaly Sans Caps Bold Italic. The Charlatan was bored, bored, bored. He'd been stuck on this rock for seventeen days after being thrown overboard by the pirates. Was that a sail on the horizon? No, probably just a wisp of cloud.

This text is in Scaly Sans Caps Bold. The Sailor didn't expect to find a tiefling sitting on a rock in the middle of an ocean, and she didn't expect him to be such a smooth talker. If he deserted her when they hit port, she'd kill him herself.

This text is in Scaly Sans Caps Italic. The Weapon Master was also a blacksmith, which was helpful when a roving party came to town, flush with money, looking for upgraded blades. They wanted swords? She had swords. Lots of swords.

This text is in Solbera Imitation. If you can read this text, talk to the priest of the smallest temple in the city.

This text is in Dungeon Drop Case. The wizard Eigengrau shook her head. The text was totally illegible, and she found that she couldn't decipher it, despite her skill.